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Wrestler of the Month:

At the end of each month I will choose a wrestler that is kicking some major tail, or just because I think he (or she) is pretty cool.

This month's Wrestler is Kane! I always liked Kane. He was that masked monster that no one wanted to face. Kane's look has changed over the years. at one point, he was real fat, then he got cut down and changed to a new look, and now he's unmasked. I can't say that I agree with the decision to unmask him, but I hope they continue to give him large chunks or RAW time (and maybe even the title belt)

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- Updated 07/29/2003

RAW was pretty good this week. Shane is back!!!!!! I am so glad that Shane is back, because he always does something crazy.

The Boy is Kane ugly. I think they should put the mask back on him.

Nash is old. Hey, how about putting him on Sunday Night Silver.

The thing Ricco is doing ios too gay. I'm actually imbarised for him.

- Vengance - Updated 07/28/2003

This was a good show!!! The bar room brawl was a little campy (having Doink the Clown, the Easter Bunny, and Brother Love in there). Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed it. It was still pretty funny.

Eddie Guerreo cheated his ass off to beat Chris Benoit. He tried unsuccessfully to cheat by knocking the ref out, using a title belt and so on, but couldn't get the job done. He finally stole it. I like Eddie. He's one of the few characters that I think they have that can have a following as a bad guy.

The match between Stephanie and Sable was just bad. If you needed to go to the bathroom, get a snack or make a phone call last night, this was the match to do it during.

The Zack Gowen vs. Vince McMahon match was pretty good. Zack lost (by a rookie mistake), but basically beat the hell out of Vince. If it wasn't for the awkward way Zack lands when he is taking a bump, you almost don't even notice the missing leg.

Mystero and Kidman lost to ex-Team Angle. The match was pretty good. Mystero was awesome!!

The main event was cool. Big Show is too big, and overweight, but was impressive suplexing both Angle and Lesner at the same time. Angle won. It was a good show!!!

- Total Nonstop Action - Updated 07/24/2003

I can't believe that we had to sit through three D'lo matches, but truth be told, they weren't bad. AJ. Styles is awesome, and always brings his A game. He did so again last night. D'lo although not nearly as good as AJ certainly had his moments including a frog splash off of a ladder and into Styles who was on the outside of the ring on a table!!!.

Crash Holly is now in NWA and is going by the name of Mad Mikey. I just gotta laugh at that.

Lollypop and her side kick had their sweet little asses handed to them by 'Bitch Slap'. (more skin!!! We need more skin!!!!)

So NWA has a kid that werstles as "Altar Boy Luke". What are the chances that Father James Mitchell makes a "grab" at him???

- Updated 07/21/2003

RAW was OK this week. There was some good, some bad, and some ugly 9even though Jazz didn't make an appearance).

The HBK vs Jericho match was bad. I couldn't wait until it was over.

The Kane thing was not bad, but I don't think it is something that they should wrap an entire show around.

- Updated 07/18/2003

Smackdown was pretty good this week. I love when Vince gets worked into the story line. What's even better is when two chicks have a fight in a pile of food (no, I'm not sick, I'm just being funny).

Ultimo Dragon has one of the coolest costumes, but I get the feeling that the WWE will not use him the way they should.

Eddie Gurrero is great. I love how he cheated in the match, and the little smerk he gives when he has screwed someone over. I hope he wins the US Title.

Zack Gowen's run in, although short lived. was impressive.

I think the Big Show is going to win the title.

Because of overwhelming response to the ‘Separated at Birth’ pics that I put up, I’m going to make that its own little section.  I’ll leave the existing ones and add any new ones.  If you find any that you think is pretty good, email them to me.  (Just make sure they are wrestler related, and I'm making no promises on what I will post)

Separated at Birth?

Triple H

Beast (from the TV series Beauty and the Beast)



Scott Steiner

Ira Einhorn.



Spike, Devon and Bubba Ray Duddley

Moe, Larry, and Curly.

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